This Women’s Day Facebook is Streaming Live With Hashtag #SheMeansBusiness

Facebook is streaming Live videos from all around the globe to celebrate International Women’s Day. Follow the hashtag #SheMeansBusiness and stream your favorite videos.

In an honor of International Women’s Day, the social media giant is hosting 24 hours live broadcast event with women entrepreneur, leader, social activists, business owners and NGOs where they share inspirational stories and discuss topics about women in business.

Who Can Start the Discussion
Anyone can join and start the live stream on Facebook to support, celebrate and empower women entrepreneurs and leadership. All you have to do is use the hashtag #SheMeansBusiness in your live stream.

The program is launched last year by Facebook to share ideas, views and showcase the gravity of discussion on women empowerment. Over 40% of business on Facebook are women-owned and the number has increased to 60% from 2015 to 2016. It is true that when women do better than society, community and economy do better as well.

Join the discussion board by following the hashtag #SheMeansBusiness on your Facebook and learn the practical and transparent ways to help, grow and promote women leadership in our society.



Sonam Gurung

Sonam is a web enthusiast, tech geek, photographer, gamer and music lover.