Google Says No to Javascript

A recent announcement from Google reveals that Gmail will no longer support JavaScript file attachment from February 13, 2017. 

On a blog Google said that they are blocking JavaScript attachment due to the security reasons. There are numerous file extension which are already been blocked by Google that includes : .bat, .cmd, .exe, .ins, .jar, .jse, .lib, .msc, .sys, .vb, etc. The .js extension will be added on this current banned list of extensions. 

From past few years, the internet has seen several cases where .js file have triggered critical problem on users end. The JavaScript files are used as malware downloaders, where the program downloads and installs a traditional malware program resulting in a malicious payload. In a brink of a second, the program is executed and the users are flashed with a screen with a ransomware file.

Google said anyone who tries to send JavaScript file through Gmail will automatically have it blocked before the email is sent. Even if the user tries to save the file in an archive format like .zip, .tgz, .gz or .bz2 the Gmail will automatically scan such format and block the content immediately. 

Once the user tries to attach the .js extension to Gmail a message will appear as “This message was blocked because its content presents a potential security issue” in Gmail. However, users can still share or send .js files to their respective clients or individuals through different file sharing portals such as Google Drive or other similar cloud storage services.



Sonam Gurung

Sonam is a web enthusiast, tech geek, photographer, gamer and music lover.