Google Celebrate International Women’s Day in Style

Google Doodle For Internation Women’s Day

This International Women’s Day, Google have chosen some famous female pioneer in the history of mankind who have embarked a special node to our lives. Google have created a Doodles for them and portrayed their lives in respect.

According to Google “Our slideshow Doodle features a little girl whose grandmother tells her the best bedtime story ever: the tale of her favorite historical heroine. The little girl then visits 13 remarkable women in her imagination, taking us along on a journey that spans centuries and circles the globe.”

It all started back in 1908 when a group of women gathered in New York City and raised their voice for equal pay, better work environment and the right to vote. Their commitment to equality spread to other parts of the globe and in 1911, first official International Women’s Day rallies were held in Australia, Germany, Switzerland and Denmark.

The featured Doodles include

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