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How To Download YouTube Videos Without Any Software or App

There are many people who get stuck with the question on How to download any YouTube video? Is it possible, to download the videos without any help from 3rd party software or mobile apps installed on your device? The answer is YES, you can download any YouTube content without any Software or App. So if you are the one who’s internet connection is slow or who wants to watch your videos on the go anywhere and anytime, here the tip on how to do it.

What to do?

  1. First, open your Browser application and log into YouTube.
  2. In the search bar, search for the desired video you want to get downloaded.
  3. Once your selected video opens, go to the URL bar or simply type Ctrl + L on your keyboard to jump to URL bar. (Use Command instead of Ctrl if you are a Mac user.)
  4. Inside the URL of your preferred video, you need to manually type the word “ss” just before youtube.
  5. Hit Enter, the browser will get redirected to a new link from “”.
  6. There is a bunch of different format of the file which you can download. Select your required format and video quality and hit the download button.
  7. The browser will automatically download the content on your device.

It even works on your mobile device

The same method can be followed on any smartphone browser.  Just head over to your favorite Browser application and open YouTube website (Don’t open on YouTube app). The thing you need to notice is that the URL shows the link as instead of on your mobile devices. Ignore such scenario and open your desired video you want to download. Edit your URL by adding “ss” just before youtube as you did on your desktop. Enter the link choose your desired format, hit the download button and you are good to go.




P.S. This article is meant for educational purpose and we do not support any sort of privacy infringement. Downloading copyrighted content and using them elsewhere is a direct violation of Google’s terms of service for YouTube. As long as you are using the content for your own personal use it is completely okay. 



Sonam Gurung

Sonam is a web enthusiast, tech geek, photographer, gamer and music lover.