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The World is looping around the Social Media, from a common man to celebs almost everyone is hooked up with Social Network. New Year to Birthday, Ring Ceremony to Reception everyone is posting something here or there. Social media has certainly changed the way to interact with people. 
Which social media platform do you use most? Which platform is your best pick? Do let us know through the comment section. Let’s dig into our list of best social networking websites you can use.


“Are you on Facebook?” Well! We are. Facebook was founded in 2004 by young Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg and fellow students. Facebook was originated from a notorious program “Facemash” which was compared to Hot or Not website where two photos of two different girls were displayed and users have to choose which one is hotter.

At first, Facebook was mainly designed for Harvard students which were later expanded to other regions as the active users increased day by day. According to the recent data, Facebook crossed more than 1 Billion active users per month in the estimate which is an astounding rate for any social network.

During initial days, the profile of Facebook was limited as it only offered basic information of an individual. Now users can do video chat or voice calls, play games with friends online, share videos or even go Live without any hassle. “Like” button was the first tab of Facebook which is meant to like anyone’s post if you liked the content. Now few more emoticons are added (like happy, sad, wow, angry and love), to let users reply according to their mood. Comment on your friend’s post, tag your other friends, share the post if you like and poke someone are some other features built in the system. Facebook is much more than social network now, it is a digital way to connect to your loved ones.

There’s a setup where you can create your page and socialize your business or your program. Further, you can now display ads and add sponsored links to Facebook and draw the attention of the public.


Hashtag (#) was the most common term for the programmers but now if you got anything to say, Hashtag it and it is the featured news. Twitter is the largest source of breaking news on the internet. In 2016, Twitter holds the record of over 319 Million monthly active users. Twitter was first called as “twttr” and was designed to send SMS and communicate with small group.

If you are a normal user, just tweet something more relevant or about a current event and if some other group of people or individual follow the hashtag then within few moments it becomes the most trending tweets of the day.

A tweet consists of only 140 characters which is the only downside of the brand but people can share photos, gifs or video within a tweet to make more impressive stories.

Making profile is as easy as any other social networking websites. Sign up with your existing email id or mobile number and you are good to go.

Twitter allows you to add your friends through “Follow” tab. Once followed you can see their tweets whenever they post it online. If you don’t want to follow a certain group or member just unfollow them and you won’t get any annoying tweets from them.

Everyday Twitter has trending tweets on their system. You can either follow those tweets according to your interest or make a new hashtag and create a trend of your own. Start tweeting.


Which is the top video sharing platform on the web? You guessed it right. After Google, YouTube is the second largest searched website in the world. Despite being owned by Google, YouTube still has it name ruled long before its acquisition. From latest Music Video to Movies trailer, Vlogs and independent short films Youtube has all sorts of library sorted under one system.

YouTube has a simple approach where users can upload their projects and share with the world. If you like the content just hit subscribe to your favorite channel and you get the privilege to see their upcoming latest videos as soon as they upload further videos on their channel.

Recently YouTube has launched a new feature called YouTube Red, where users can stream unlimited videos without any unwanted ads. YouTube also have published apps for creators where they can log into their channel and see the stats and a dedicated app for kids where kids friendly videos are played without any bloatware.


SnapChat is an image and video sharing platform established on 2011. SnapChat is basically a selfie app where users are allowed to share images or videos which are short-lived and self-deleted. The concept lies on what’s happening now and share it with your circle.

Snapchat includes mix of private messaging and public content, as well as brand promotion like public events, live conference report and live events.

In December 2012, Snapchat added the ability to capture video in addition to images from the app where users can record video up to 10 seconds and after a single viewing, the video disappears by default. You can add other snappers with their ids and sends them snaps once you are connected.

Brands and media are snapping these days to gain popularity among youngsters as they are the one who are snapping or looking for other snaps more often.


Instagram is a photo-sharing social media service that allows users to share photos or videos either publicly or privately. It contains a different array of filters where users can pick and upload it instantly to their profile.

At first, Instagram only supported images to be shared in the system, later on 2013, they added video sharing features with clips no longer than 15 seconds. The time limit has now expanded up to 10 minutes for now.

Instagram was first published as a mobile oriented app in iOS devices and after two years they launched the app for Android version too. On April 2012, Facebook acquired Instagram for approximately US $1 Billion.

On 2011, Instagram added hashtags features in their system where users can tag their post with relevant tags so that like minded people can search for each other through the tag system. When version 2.0 went live, Instagram included new and live filters in their template, instant tilt-shift, high-resolution images, optional borders, one click rotation and updated new icon. They also added a feature like SnapChat called Moments where users can share their short videos or images and after 24 hours your moment will disappear automatically.


LinkedIn is much more than a social network. It is a social network targeted to employment-oriented service where any individual can submit their CV to their own profile and an organization can post a job for their company.

In LinkedIn users are free to make connections with each other in an online social network which may represent real world professional relationships. A “gated-access” is also implemented inside the system, where the connection with other professional requires either an existing relationship or connection through contact of theirs.

LinkedIn recorded an average of 106 Million active users last year and ranked Top 20th most popular websites in the world according to Alexa ranking.


Google+ is the fourth iteration of the social network from Google. Google+ was launched in 2011 where other social networks already have a huge marketplace. Google has launched other social networks in the past but they had to shut them down due to low user interest.

Google+ include usual post system. Here users “+” the content if they loved it and comment back and share into other social media.If you want to add your friends in your profile then you have a Circle space where you can mark your friends with different circle id.

Google+ include a community page where different community members create their own community page and share it online and if an individual liked the content they can follow that community with one click. Users can create an Event or plan for Hangout Chat if they want.


Reddit is a Social news aggregation, web content rating and discussion website or blog system where Reddit registered members can submit content, like text or post links and other users will upvote or downvote, while system sort the content according to the number of votes with ranking. The submission must be upvote to appear on the front page or top of the category.

Content entries are subdivided into “subreddits” where they include categories like news, music, books, food and many others.

As of 2017, Reddit had 542 Million monthly visitors, ranking no. 22 website in the world. Although Reddit doesn’t seem the best in respect of the design point of view but it has lots of resources inside it system with meaningful content for the smart community people.

Reddit AMA is a cool feature, which allows users to ask questions to celebs and other public figures who agree to host the show.


MySpace was launched on 2003 and is among the first to be launched in comparison to all the social networking websites listed above. MySpace offers a user-submitted network of friends with personal profiles, blogs, groups, photos, music and videos posting facilities.

From 2005 to 2009, MySpace was the largest social network on the web and on 2006 MySpace surpassed Google on most visited website in the United States of America. In 2008, MySpace was overtaken by Facebook and since then its daily visitors kept on declining.

MySpace had a great support to the music industry and pop culture and helped in the growth of social gaming platform for the companies like Zynga and RockYou. MySpace is the first site to start unique URLs for famous artists and brands.

MySpace had great downfall after 2008 as there were many suggestions for updating but MySpace stuck on their design of building an audience through music and entertainment. The design was bloated by a great amount of ads on the page which leads to slow page load and less flexible layout.

Meanwhile, MySpace was redesigned from the ground up and support a blog style design with more focus on music and entertainment industries.


Tumblr is a microblogging and social networking website owned by Yahoo since 2013. The service allows users to post images, videos or gifs with a design of the short-form blog. Members can make their own blog post or follow someone if they love their content. The website has 555 Million monthly users and contains over 338 million blogs in the hood.

The dashboard is the primary page where live feeds are displayed at the top by the range of blogs you have followed. Dashboard allows users to post text, images, videos, quotes or links to their blog. Through the dashboard, members can like the blog, reblog it or comment on it.

Tags is another handy feature in Tumblr where users can tag their blog post and if someone wants to search for a particular blog they can search the respective tag line. Tumblr allows users to edit their blog according to their style. HTML editing is freely customizable and users can use a custom domain for their blog if they want to.



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