Best Messaging Apps For Your Smartphone

No wonder messaging app has rocked the modern way of communicating with people. From Android to iOS users everyone is trolling over each other on messaging app. Want to send a photo of yours, share your videos, favorite gifs or important file, you name it, messaging app are rocking hard all over the places. With the features included sharing your live videos, group chats, video calls or voice calls, one can only imagine what next is to be introduced to this mobile platform as over millions of users use them on their day to day lives.

We have cramped all the best apps in the market and choose the best messaging app for your smartphone. If you haven’t installed any of them on your smartphone, you are missing a lot in this world.

Top Favourite Messaging Apps


One of the best messaging app and is with more than 1 Billion users all over the world. Whatsapp is one of the most famous and popular messaging app with the integration of almost all the mobile operating system like iOS, Android, Windows, Bada, Blackberry, Symbian and what not. If you are Nokia users and have an old Nokia inside your cupboard you know what we are saying.

Whatsapp used to be as simple as just a singular app meant for messaging your friends with no advanced features included built-in. Now, Whatsapp offers a large variety of features like Voice Call, Video Call, Group Chat, Sharing Images, Videos, GIFs or files and much more. Just a few days ago, Whatsapp recently introduced an instant status uploading features which resembles pretty much like Snapchat and Instagram where your status will get erased after 24 hours of your upload.

Facebook Messenger

If you are an avid Facebook user then you must know about Facebook Messenger as it is a must have tool to communicate with your Facebook friends. Once you download the app it will automatically sync your friend list from your Facebook so you can interact with them at any time. Messenger have a huge collection of stickers as well as Gifs which is cute and handy for poking your friends. It also includes features like Video Calling or Voice Calling which is clear (varies upon on your connection). One great feature for the Android user is floating chat head which pops up when someone sends you the message.


WeChat is the most popular messaging app in China with over 700 million active users worldwide. WeChat has one of the huge collection of stickers right now in the market. WeChat offers all the usual features like chats, group chats, photo sharing, voice calls and video calls which are perfect and consistent but WeChat offers some great extra features which no one provides i.e. “Friend Radar”, “Shake” and “People Nearby”.

“Friend Radar” and “People Nearby” shows the people according to your Geo location with the only difference is that the former shows your friends near your radar and later shows Unknown people using WeChat, which is quite interesting, Umm!

“Shake” on the other hand is quite a different approach, where user shakes their respective phone and WeChat lookup for other people on their server who are Shaking simultaneously and once the Shake is matched it shows the user along with the distance they are far away.

Besides all these WeChat also provide an extra attribute called “Moments” where every WeChat user has their own piece of profile where users can upload their photos and share among their friends.


Skype used to be the ultimate website and app for Video calling and call conferencing. Before the inception of other messaging apps, Skype was the first to provide Video/Voice calling feature. From the very beginning Skype calling was free between other Skype users but if anyone had to call over a landline or mobile phone they can do it over but with a minimal amount introduced by the company. Now, users can send Images, Videos, Gifs and many more just like any other messaging apps.


One of the most trending messaging app right around, Snaps are what people doing. Going for a trip, on vacation, on event or anywhere users Snaps their event on the go and post it online. Snapchat has changed the way of instant messaging to a whole new level. It is integrated with tons of live filters where people can record their Snaps according to their mood or even click the selfie and send over to their friends. If you haven’t tried Snapping, then go and do it.


2016 was the year where a whole new level of messaging was introduced by Google. Allo is a smart instant messaging app with new features like talking with bots where you can talk with computer generated UI aka bots and have a conversation with it. You can ask any question or any relevant node and Allo will answer it back or give a solution in the way of GUI interface where people can understand what is it about. In between the chats just ask for the nearest metro station with @Google tag and Google will answer the question with a proper answer without leaving the app and searching elsewhere. With the introduction of bots, Allo is much smarter and much informative. Allo also features all usual ways of messaging like sharing images, videos, geolocation or voice messages. Haven’t tried Allo, go check it out.


Another great messaging app with the main focus on calling feature. Viber is just like any other messaging apps with abilities like group chat, voice call, video call bind with games and public chat where tons of social media icons and faces are established inside the system where any random users can post anything and get the conversation started. Just follow your favorite figure in Discover tab and you are good to go. Besides, that it offers all the traditional feature of Sticker market with some free and paid stickers for your choice.

Google Hangout is popular mostly among Google users. If you own a Google account then all you need to get started is log in with your Google account and chat among all your Google synced account inside it. Before Allo, Hangout used to be the standalone messaging app for the Google where people can make voice calls or do video conferencing throughout any corner of the world. Hangout is simple and easy, just tap the plus sign and start a video call or new conversation within your Google circle.


Line is all about social networking, payment portal and instant messaging combined. According to the data, Line has 200 Million active users. Line have a huge collection of stickers, more than 10,000 and with them, they earned $270 Million revenue in 2015. Line also have a social network embedded inside the app where the user can upload post, like them and comment. Line offers all the features like voice call, video call or group call and much more.


Telegram is just like Whatsapp with the only thing it’s not a Whatsapp brother. Don’t laugh out loud. The UI is almost same as Whatsapp with little more extra features added. The best thing about Telegram is you can self-destruct your post i.e. after your friends see your post it will disappear from their timeline isn’t that great. Also, it is fast, reliable, secure and can transfer a huge amount of file on the go in between any platform. Telegram features a great collection of stickers with an extra feature like Start Secret Chat. The only thing it lacks is the calling feature which would make it a complete package.

How do you found out our pick among best messaging apps for your smartphone? Do leave a comment and share with your friends.

P.S. The Voice and Video calling features included inside the apps depends upon your network connectivity and the speed of your provider. It may vary from one region to another.



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