Behold Samsung Galaxy S8

The final wait is over people. Behold the Samsung Galaxy S8. A proper leaked image of Samsung Galaxy S8 is released by the famous professional leaker, Evan Blass, as he tweeted the one and only Samsung Galaxy S8 on his profile post.

From the leaked image and video(below), we can clearly see that the physical home button from the front is removed and placed to back side near the rear camera. Samsung has opted for more bezel-less design this year with round edges from the previous iteration of Galaxy brand.

Samsung Galaxy S8 is the most anticipated smartphone of the year and the leak images are more of the play this time around. Certainly, Samsung climbed back to the top of the list after the leaked image, withdrawing neck to neck competition with other rivals such as Nokia and LG.

Turnaround at MWC

MWC used to be the place where Samsung used to announce its flagship phones from past 3 years but this year they played a different dice and announced that they will reveal their new flagship on their Unpacked event in NYC later this month on 29th March 2017. Till then we might come forward with more leaked images like so as the day comes near.



Sonam Gurung

Sonam is a web enthusiast, tech geek, photographer, gamer and music lover.