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Are you living in India and going to purchase a new laptop and confused about which is the best laptop brand in India right now? People ask this questions as they want to buy the best through their investment and they think about getting the best value for money product for their future years. We have crunched this story with our market experts and gathered valuable reviews which will ease your problem.


Apple LogoOne of the best brand since the beginning to till date, Apple is best for the powerhouse users. A complete blend of hardware and software bundled inside a single system. The company is always focused on providing the best product to the consumers with ultra-fast performance and highly durable product to work with. The price is the factor users complain about Apple but Apple is what you pay and what you get.

The after market service of Apple is by far the best service you can get, whether it is related to hardware or software. The timely update is always the first priority of Apple so that their ecosystem remain bug-free and reliable. If money is not a big issue for you then certainly go for Apple. A highly recommended brand from our side.


Dell LogoDell is serving Indian market since ages and it certainly knows what the consumer wants from them. Dell has proven its leadership with its aftermarket service, reliability and consistency.

Dell has a subsidiary lineup of a hardcore unit called “Alienware”. Alienware is designed for gamers and is especially known for its high-end specifications and top notch performance. The company’s main aim is to provide best performing system to hardcore users where speed is their main concern. If pricing is huge deal for you then Dell have huge list of other products where you get decent bit of system according to your need.


HP LogoHP (Hewlett-Packard) is an IT (Information Technology) company that sells hardware, software and other business related services. HP was basically known for its PCs and other computer related devices but it also produces some enterprise devices like servers, storage devices, networking devices, handheld devices, softwares, printers, scanners and other imaging products.

When it comes to quality and assurance, HP definately own it’s spot on best laptop brand but during last few quarters HP systems are experiencing some bug in driver support. We hope HP wil do something in this section and make sure customer doesn’t suffer hard time toubleshooting the problem.


Lenovo LogoLenovo is a Chinese multinational technology company which sells personal computers, tablets, smartphones, servers and other electronic devices. Lenovo was ranked Number 1 in the world’s largest personal computer vendor by unit sales since 2013.

Lenovo manufacturer Thinkpad line of Notebook computers, ThinkCentre and IdeaCentre line of desktops and IdeaPad as well Yoga line of Notebook laptops.


Acer LogoAcer is a Taiwanese multinational hardware manufacturer dealing in desktop PCs, laptops, notebooks and other electronic gadgets. In 2015, Acer was ranked as 6th biggest personal computer vendor in the world.

Acer has huge list of lineup in personal computer, their Predator series is known for Gaming, Veritron is for Business desktops and Aspire series is for consumer desktop and notebook. Acer also produces Chromebook with premium build quality, convertible display and decent price tag.