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Are you stuck with the question about which camera app is best for your smartphone? Well, you landed in the right place. Mobile phones come with pre-loaded camera app but their functionality seems quite weak as you can’t do much out of the nutshell. This is where 3rd party Camera apps come handy and we know how much our viewers love them.

We have sorted best of the best camera apps for your smartphone. Let’s get started for some selfie session.

Candy Camera – Selfie Photo

Candy Camera is launched a couple of years ago and it’s already one of the famous selfie camera app in the play store. With over 100 Million installations from the user, it sure sparkles some magic with its features. Candy Camera comes feature rich content from real-time filters to beautify functions and pack of stickers with easy editing tools and much more. Taking collage with friends is like taking selfies in the photo booth which is great.

Camera 360

Camera 360 is one of the best and most popular apps from quite long time. The app contains feature rich elements with fun editing tools people love about. The app comes with tons of camera mods and filters. UI is clean and the best thing about the app is it’s completely free with no ads whatsoever.

Camera 360 also comes loaded with stickers where users can snap their photos, save it and share online. Also, there is the community build inside the app where various competition is held which is very unique and interesting approach. Bottom line, Camera 360 is one of the best camera app in the store at it is awarded as best app of the year in various countries. Worth trying! For sure.

Retrica – Selfie Sticker, GIF

Another great app in the playstore. If you are selfie lover and even more a GIF creator then this app is what you need now. With tons of filters and customization Retrica is full powerhouse for photogenic people. Beautify your images with single swipe and upload it online. One of the cool feature about Retrica is you can create a collage of different pictures or convert it to GIF file which is the trending media in social media. Definitely recommended app for everyone.

BestMe Selfie Camera

BestMe is truly designed for selfie lovers. The app comes with 125 real-time filters, real-time collage maker, real-time mirror filter, real-time halo filter and much more. The developers have also added stickers and emoji so that you can tag them in your photos. Just swipe left or right to choose among the best filters you want and voila.

Camera Zoom FX

Camera Zoom FX is one of the very old and genuine app for photo lovers. The app has been around from long back and through time it has improved a lot in various sections. The app now supports full manual mode (where you can adjust ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture on your own). On the top of that, the app supports RAW image capture, 360-degree panorama photos, HDR feature and endless time-lapse which add cherry to the cake. A must try app out there in the wild.

Beauty Plus

Beautify your images with Beauty Plus app. With over 100 Millions download Beauty Plus is a great app to try. With Beauty Plus you can get smooth skin, whiten teeth, bright and colorful eyes and blur photos. Beauty Plus add radiant complexion for perfect face for selfies. Retouch your photos and remove dark circles and edit hair color which make them pop up. Recently Beauty Plus added a new feature called AnimeCam where users can transform their selfies into animated collages which is something.


Want the best collage app, install Cymera. Cymera is largely popular for its collage functionality. From its inception, its main target was to create the best collage out on the market. From vertical to horizontal and grid style layouts you can imagine all sorts of collage images. Also, the app comes with hundreds of filters, stickers and backgrounds. Edit any images with the tools given to have eye-popping images in front.


BeautyCam is perfect to take selfies or give your images a makeover from lipsticks to foundations. With the app, users can erase blemishes, smoothen skin tone, edit eye color and apply special effects. It helps you look great even if the image is shot from mobile phones.

Z Camera

Z Camera (Go Camera in past) is another Chinese app from the famous developers Go Dev Team. It was the best app of 2015 on Google Play Store in 75 countries with over 50 Million downloads so far. The app has tons of features built-in and in-app edit mode which make it outcast many other apps in the play store. The app comes with real-time filters, photo editor, fastest capture in the market, HDR mode, a private gallery and tilt shift feature to create perfect lens blur.

Camera MX

Camera MX has been around for a quite long time and it certainly had hit the market with its special features included. The app comes with extra customization like custom JPEG quality, video trimming, display flash for the front camera and video pause and other post-production editings like balancing brightness, contrast, saturation and much more. It does not have a full manual mode which might be let down for pro users but it had a great balance of pro and beginners features which make it stood out in the league.


Prisma is the best hit of 2016, which rock the play store once the app went live. Millions of users installed Prisma for its unique filters which on that time no other image capturing app provide which made it unique in the production. Prisma transforms your simple image into a modern artwork using styles of famous artist out there. The only downside of the app was it require an active internet connection to turn your dull image into real lifestyle art in a matter of seconds.


Used by over 300 Million users and No. 1 in the app store in 52 countries B612 is one of the best selfie camera in the market there. Express yourself with a wide range of fun stickers and amazing AR filters which pop ups when you hold the camera. Add fun elements in your images with the single touch of the button and choose tons of templates that suits your mood.


One of the best customization app for images. One can just imagine and the app already offers tons of feature to customize from head to toe and convert your image in a cartoon or animated like design. You can pick from thousands of background available, create your own avatar and customize it entirely from hair, accessories, beard, mustache and much more and share it with your friends. With backgrounds update for every special occasions, religion or culture, MomentCam offers all the great feel you can imagine in a single app.

Cardboard Camera

Cardboard Camera is the only 360-degree photo recording available right now. Capture and share moments with virtual reality photos. VR photos let you capture the moment in a 3D surround space, making near object appear near and far objects appear far as it should be. From travel photos to wide landscapes capture your moment and relive the moment in Cardboard Camera. To experience the moment you should place your camera in the VR viewer headsets.


Choose the template, record video selfie and upload it on your social media. MSQRD was published by famous Facebook Inc. where users are given different sets of templates from animals to Hollywood stars and public figures. The app has a unique face detection algorithm where a layer of a mask is calibrated by the app and the live filters are applied on the face. The users face get hidden in the background with the layer of selected template is displayed on the front which is hilarious and amazingly funny.


Ever stuck in the position where you don’t have a scanner in your home or office and you want to scan your important document or images, CamScanner is the real solution. CamScanner uses a simple approach and works as a scanner from your smartphone. All you have to do is load the CamScanner app and capture your document or image that you want to scan. CamScanner captures the file and lets you choose the range of document you need, just crop the desired area and voila your hard copy is turned into a soft copy format as a pdf or image file. CamScanner is one the best productivity app out there with great features built to produce a perfect document of your need.

Paper Camera

As the name suggest Paper Camera is a classic piece of app where your image is turned into cartoon or painting like art. Paper Camera unfolds ultimate collection of cartoon, sketch, comic and paint like effect which look real for a human eye. Just wave your camera into an object and see what turns next. Cartoonize your gallery with the great art of design.

Pip Camera

Pip Camera redefine photography with a grand new level of mastery. No.1 selfie app in over 40 countries and over 50 Million app download worldwide, Pip Camera hold photography and artifact into a whole new dimension. With plug and play feature, capture your perfect shot and transition them into creative frames and fun elements. With over 200 collage frames and 20+ photo filters, one has a lot of room to capture stunning images into a small layout.


Cameringo comes with a simple yet stylish combination of professional photography camera app with a large variety of photo effects in real-time along with different type of lens capabilities like fisheye, wide angle and much more. The app comes with over 300 customizable live filters and over 20 frames. HDR in this app is tad perfect but if you are Lomography and hipster photography fans you will be more than happy by how much this app offers to you. The app has a bunch of customization in the hood with the ability to change exposure, brightness, contrast and white balance which most advanced DSLR can’t do. The extra feature includes silent mode, a histogram in RGB format and an incognito mode to capture any moment secretly.

Camera FV-5

App for professional users with rich feature like a pro DSLR in-built. All the photographic aspect of the app can be manually adjusted from exposure compensation, ISO light metering, focus mode and white balance. Users can see exposure time, aperture and stops displayed in real time with EV and bracketing settings just like in DSLR. Built-in intervalometer is there to capture stunning time-lapse. App also includes long exposure mode with maximum time up to 30 seconds to create perfect night trails. Tag your images with geolocation feature and organize your files in different locations with fully customizable names. This is almost like using a DSLR system into a small packet. Worth a try to enhance your photography skills.