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It is official fellas. OnePlus as promised updated their Google Now feature into Google Assistant. Fans are excited by the new assistant loaded on theirĀ OnePlus smartphones.

OnePlus CEO Carl Pei recently uploaded a screenshot of Google Assistant on his twitter account quoting – “Google Assistant, finally! šŸ˜Š”. No wonder everyone or at least OnePlus fans are eagerly waiting for the update to roll out soon as Google already announced that Google Assistant will empower all Android Marshmallow and Nougat smartphones. We at Droidbeat are also thrilled to see the new update as it is the top notch piece of programming from Google till date.

Google Assistant is far better in functionality from its predecessor Google Now. Google Now was a great search UI where users can search for their favorite games or ask weather report on the go. Google Assistant on that extent took a giant leap and does much more than you can think of.

For instance, you can ask for a joke to crack or ask for a quote or search some random facts or even play games with the computer generated bot which is almost like interacting with a human self. Besides all these, Google Assistant can book a restaurant table or tag a reminder in your calendar app or send messages and call one of your friends from your contact book.

The sole concept of Google Assistant is to have a 24*7 assistant inside your pocket which you can interact, ask, interact and respond as you would in the real life. Google Assistant is the next level of UI with a combination of millions of possibilities users can do as they want.

Do all the nitty gritty with Google Assistant and let us know how do you feel about it.

Facebook is streaming Live videos from all around the globe to celebrate International Women’s Day. Follow the hashtag #SheMeansBusiness and stream your favorite videos.

In an honor of International Women’s Day, the social media giant is hosting 24 hours live broadcast event with women entrepreneur, leader, social activists, business owners and NGOs where they share inspirational stories and discuss topics about women in business.

Who Can Start the Discussion
Anyone can join and start the live stream on Facebook to support, celebrate and empower women entrepreneurs and leadership. All you have to do is use the hashtag #SheMeansBusiness in your live stream.

The program is launched last year by Facebook to share ideas, views and showcase the gravity of discussion on women empowerment. Over 40% of business on Facebook are women-owned and the number has increased to 60% from 2015 to 2016. It is true that when women do better than society, community and economy do better as well.

Join the discussion board by following the hashtag #SheMeansBusiness on your Facebook and learn the practical and transparent ways to help, grow and promote women leadership in our society.

Google Doodle For Internation Women’s Day

This International Women’s Day, Google have chosen some famous female pioneer in the history of mankind who have embarked a special node to our lives. Google have created a Doodles for them and portrayed their lives in respect.

According to Google “Our slideshow Doodle features a little girl whose grandmother tells her the best bedtime story ever: the tale of her favorite historical heroine. The little girl then visits 13 remarkable women in her imagination, taking us along on a journey that spans centuries and circles the globe.”

It all started back in 1908 when a group of women gathered in New York City and raised their voice for equal pay, better work environment and the right to vote. Their commitment to equality spread to other parts of the globe and in 1911, first official International Women’s Day rallies were held in Australia, Germany, Switzerland and Denmark.

The featured Doodles include

For further information, go to this link.